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Adult Beverage and Sports Activities

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That's the only way to do those things. lol.  Getting a good buzz makes them fun.  They would probably stop you if you looked trashed.  Doing the flow rider might not be the safest if you're not good at it.  The watersides and rock climbing wall are fun buzzed. 

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I was about to say... if you are trashed... not a great idea and they might not let you. I'm sure also you cant walk up and say, 'Hold my beer'... and attempt said activities. But, also, they are not asking you to walk a line or anything before hand anyway. So, go have fun!!! Just not tooooo much fun. 😉


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Slides.. more than likely, as long as you're not visibly intoxicated (remember, they're sober so they'll be able to tell)

Zipline/Flowrider/Rock Wall, Probably not, although I wouldn't do them buzzed as it's a safety issue. 

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