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I just returned yesterday from a 7Night cruise on Harmony and on embarkation day which was May 1st, 2022 I had dropped my bags off before my checkin time which was 11:30/12:00 but I had to wait in a very long line for about an hour before I even entered the cruise terminal. Once I was in the terminal it was about 20 minutes going through security screening to boarding the ship before I boarded the ship. I was on Mariner April 19th, 2022 & I entered the cruise terminal after my checkin time @11:00/11:30 and it took 15 minutes for me to board the ship. I even dropped my bags off toward the end of my checkin time. I embarked on independence on March 21st,2022 & I had dropped off my bags a few minutes before my checkin time @ 11:00/11:30 which I had to arrive between my checkin window for my cruise on independence that embarked on March 21st,2022. Also I had to wear a mask checking in for independence in March & April when I checked in @ the cruise terminal for Mariner, & I had to wear a mask in the cruise terminal to go through customs just to re-enter the United States in March & April but for my cruise on Harmony I did not have to wear a mask when checking in or when going through customs to re-enter the United States. All 3 cruises that I went on since March 2022 had embarked & disembarked in port Canaveral. 

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