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Gyms and Spas on the ships , do you use them and how do they differ on each ship

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While on the ship we use the gym almost every day followed by a swim and then the hot tub and as i am a bit of a Gym nut these areas need to be good. So what does each class of ship have to offer


I thought this would be a good topic as when i was trying to find out what the Gym had to offer last year on the Indy it was difficult to get full info on what Weights, Cardio and Spa facilities ect they had so here is some stats on the Indy.




The Gym on the Inependence is huge with fantastic views and opens from 06:00 to 22:00.


A great selection of free weights from 6lb-88lb (Dumbells only there is no Barbells or Bench Press non cable) and a good Smith Machine with weights from 6lb to 45lb with a good amount of plates. There is also a large amount machines for all areas of muscle such as Back, Shoulders , Legs , Biceps and Triceps etc and 3 benches.


Cardio is also covered with a huge amount of Treadmills , Bikes , Cross Trainers and even a Boxing Ring. There is also a Fitness Studio with classes from Body Pump to Pilates and also Pilates Racks in the main Gym.



The Spa has a every kind of treatment you could ever need from Facials , Hair , Massage and nails etc.


There is also a great adult only Pool area with 2 amazing Hot Tubs which hang over the side of the ship plus plenty of Sun Loungers and even some Hammocks.


Hope this info helps if you are going on the Indy  :)  :)

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I have seen the gyms onboard the ships but haven't use one or the spa. I'm not a super work out person so I don't feel the need to use the gym. I take the stairs when I'm on the ship and get my exercise that way. Nothing like seeing someone come out of the gym and wait for the elevator.  :rolleyes:

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I always aspire to use the gym but it rarely works out that I get to go.


Years ago I was better about going and the facilities are always top notch.  I did a class (spinning) on Freedom of the Seas and loved it.

After doing a spinning class i am not suprised as they are enough to scare anyone away from the Gym  :lol:

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My wife and I are walkers. During the summer we walk 5 miles a day after dinner. So on the ship I have never felt the need to utilize the gym. I take the stairs and then we do a lot of walking usually using the walk/jog track. I eat and drink more when I'm on a cruise then I normally do, so I gotta keep up on the walking.  :)

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I ALWAYS use the Gym and attend classes while sailing - I have lots of clients and friends that this is a very important part of any trip they take so I am very picky about how a ship's Gym is set up - The Oasis class ships are amazing and have some of the best gyms at sea for sure - Many stretching classes are free in the early morning but other Gym classes like spin are a nominal charge, like $10.    And the food/smoothies are great @ Vitality Café.  Freedom class also has really good gyms and classes as well.  


Spa - I do love to have a pass to the Spa at least once but spend less money on ships here.  They are amazing though and top notch compared to those on land.

Love the daily specials -   Couples Massages and Kids Spa programs are becoming more popular each year too.

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Back in 1988 we used the treadmills on Carnival Celebration to offset the mass quantity of food we were eating. I loved the treadmill so much that we bought one. Now that we are loyal to Royal Caribbean I love the full gym and spa facilities on their ships. It started on that first ship with walks on the treadmill. Now I'm a runner and enjoy the jogging track, or treadmill if the weather is bad. We usually hit the gym and track first thing to start the day and also spend some time afterward relaxing in the hot tub or sauna. Starting the day with a vigorous workout seems to make the wonderful meals even more enjoyable.

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