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Flight times out of Barcelona

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We are on the Wonder of the Seas in August out of Barcelona. After the cruise, we are headed to Paris for a few days. The earliest flight departure time Royal recommends in 10:30 AM, which seems super early to me. We will have a toddler and a grandma who moves very slowly. Would you be comfortable booking an 11:25 AM flight on disembarkation day? For Europe cruises, do we still go through customs upon re-entry into the cruise terminal? Or would we have to do it at the airport in Barcelona? I've never cruised (or even been to) Europe before so any advice is welcome! 

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11:25 usually is OK but not sure with new protocols.

The time to go to the airport is around 20- 25 minutes. No real custom coming back. Maybe just to be on the safe side I would choose 12 pm.

Going to take this cruise at the beginning of June , will report how fast was the disembark process




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I would chose a flight after 12 as well.  When we docked in Barcelona on Royal we were not able to dock in the cruise terminal that we departed from and had to dock further down the port and get bussed to the world trade centre with our luggage and with so many people it was crazy trying to get a taxi.

I will l be on Wonder and docking May 4, so I could let you know how it was this time

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