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Rapid antigen test

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Well I had this question [sort of] relating to our baltic cruise in June.  WHen we made the booking [actually almost 3 years ago!!!] there were no restrictions on flying back into the USA.  I realize for Canadians, this sort of requirement has been ongoing [and you guys have our sympathies].  We will be using Royal Caribbean's 'Air to Sea' program, and we just 'assumed' they'd provide us that test before we disembarked so we could fly home.  But after reading this is no longer afforded Canadians flying home, well, wow...being in a foreign land trying to hunt down covid testing that applicable seems daunting [should we just cancel this cruise...especially considering the St. Petersburg situation as an unknown].  

We're aware of the Abbott proctored tests, and have Navica on our phones [I think anyway].  Have no idea how our streaming capability will be on the ship or in Copenhagen. though.  IOW, we're totally lost on this really.  Would Royal just throw dolt heads like us who travel overseas ONLY once in a blue moon, off a ship and let you sink or swim on your own?  

Some sort of testing we are not aware of is mentioned here, called Switch Test?  Is that something Canadians have to use?  What might Euroipe accept, and Denmark in Particular [where we'll be flying out of].  

Finally, is even our vaccination proof accepted in Europe? We've heard they use vax passports or something over there?  Sheese, if we hadn't so much resources invested in all this and stand to lose, canceling might definitely be the prudent thing for people like us.  Any thoughts on any of this?  who do you ask about HOW to do these things if Royal is throwing you 'overboard' [so to say].  Canadians have been dealing with these things for some time I know [we watch Don Teris on youtube for example so know the pain you've been put through]. Our travel agent is just as confused.

Covid test 24 hours before boarding a plane to get back to USA...how does one do that anyway [without spending their meager bank account just on transfers].





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