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  1. I have ordered SH rapid tests through Aeroplan for our upcoming return to Canada. Will take them the night before or the morning before we leave the ship. I ordered 2 packs...each pack has 2 tests came to $178Cdn
  2. we are using shoppers drug mart for our testing before we leave Canada to drive to New Jersey for our upcoming cruise. I too am wondering about using switch health tests for coming back to Canada. I called them and they said they are authorized and will recognized at the border for our return trip home. But I also seen some negative stuff on this site about SH not being authorized...this was before tomorrow's changes. Does anyone know for sure that SH rapid telehealth tests will be acceptable for returning to Canada. Also I am wondering if I should buy more that we need encase one of the samples is damaged etc.
  3. Thank you....we will just keep our current shoppers drug mart appointments since they seem to work well for other travelers. Do not want any problems getting over the boarder or on to the boat.
  4. thank you for this info....I was going by the email that they sent to me. The email also listed the price for PCR tests at $210....the price on your link is much better We will definitely arrange to do it at the pier if this is the price and time line. I had called Royal and they had given me the name of the company that they use (Quest)....Quest is the ones that told me that it would be 1-2 days. I asked them about NAAT testing as it is a type of PCR that Canada will accept and results are supposed to be in about 3 hours and they lady said she had never heard of it. Really hoping PCR testing is down graded to antigen next week when Canada is supposed to announce new changes to the border requirements.
  5. 2 family mbrs and myself tested positive Dec 6, 8 and 10th. All had a PCR test done again on Dec 23 (work requirement) and it was negative for all 3 of us even though we were told we would test positive for up to 100 days after.
  6. we are booked at shoppers drug mart for $40 per person but Walmart also does it for $20 per person. Our local walmart only takes bookings over the phone 2 weeks prior. Wanted to make sure we had appts so currently booked with shoppers but may change to walmart since there is 5 of us that is a savings of $100.
  7. We are currently booked at shoppers drug mart to get our pre covid rapid test to board the ship. I just called Quest which is the name of the company that Royal has listed that would be doing the post travel tests on the pier. She said they only do PCR tests for Canadians and results are 1-2 days. is the CVS rapid test approved to re-enter Canada? Looking for quick test results as we are planning to drive straight home 6hr drive after disembarkation.
  8. We too are travelling by car from Ontario Canada to New Jersey for a cruise late March. This is a 6 hr drive for us, we done this one other time and found the drive not to be bad at all. Figure driving cuts down on contact with others and we plan to stay in our 5 person bubble as much as possible during the cruise. 5 adults....3 of us had confirmed covid early Dec. From what I am reading on the government website, as long as we have the paperwork of our positive covid tests that are less than 180 days old then the 3 of us do not have to test to return home. Since there is only 2 of us left to test on the way home we currently plan to do it at the port as soon as we disembark. Really hoping but not expecting test and quarantine rules to change before the trip. We cancelled a 3 week Europe trip at the beginning of the pandemic and have missed 2 winter trips since then. We are sick of living in a bubble....which we have been doing since the beginning and we still ended up with covid. VERY READY FOR A VACATION!!!
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