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Cozumel Dolphin Encounter ???


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When we did the dolphins at chakanaab, they were very strict on no cameras, and the cost of the pictures after was very expensive. I don't remember the cost, but I remember deciding very quickly no. I did some looking, presale photos through their website is $50 per person, so I imagine its higher once you get there.


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2 hours ago, GregD said:

I did some looking, presale photos through the chakanaab website is $50 per person, for 10 pictures, so once there I assume it's higher. 

Did you book this excursion through RC? Which website did you use for chakanaab? Thanks. 😎

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We went to Chankanaab last March, but we booked directly through their website since our cruise was cancelled (we took the ferry over from Playa Del Carmen). It may be different now, but when we went there were hardly any people there, so they gave us half off pictures after we told them no a few times when they asked us to buy them at full price. It wouldn't hurt to just ask and see if they'll work with you on price. 


Also, @pheenix99 it was a pretty lengthy distance from the ferry terminal to the park. You would definitely need a taxi. They aren't that expensive though..

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