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Vancouver Post-Cruise Excursions


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We are taking a post-cruise excursion in Vancouver on the Serenade of the Seas in June 2022.

Since we are staying overnight in Vancouver to fly out the next day, we decided to take a post-cruise excursion. Specifically, the Sea to Sky Experience and Shannon Falls with Airport Transfer excursion. 

We chose this excursion because it was on the list of places we wanted to see and since we are staying at the Fairmont Airport Hotel it is where we will be dropped off. We also chose this hotel because we have a morning US flight and the wanted convenience of being right their to catch our flight. I've searched around but couldn't find the answer to my question.

If we leave our bags out the night before the end of the cruise, what happens to our bags? Do we claim them then lug them over to the excursion bus? Or do they load them on the tour bus? The tour leaves at 8:30 and ends at the airport.

Thank you all for your great advice!

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The one time I have booked a post-cruise excursion you had to get your bags yourself and you brought them with you to the excursion buses. We met as a group to do this. We also all got the same luggage tags to use when disembarking so it made it easy. In our particular case they took our luggage at the bus and loaded it into a truck and we met up with the luggage at the airport where it was all waiting for us to pick up. I'm sure each port handles that part differently. My situation was out of San Juan.

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I'm looking at booking the same excursion for us on our May 15-22 Serenade cruise from Vancouver. I'll update you on how it goes with the luggage. We are also staying overnight at a hotel near the airport before our morning flight. If the excursion won't drop us at our hotel, which I think it won't, we plan to get the hotel shuttle to get us and then take us back in the morning.

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Ha! : ) it was awesome, other than the fact that our bus driver thought he was taking us on a different tour. We made it to the gondola place, which was cool. Unfortunately, it was gorgeous weather and all the locals were there too. A bit crowded and we did not have as much time as scheduled. We missed the waterfall, although you can actually see it from the gondola place. It’s a long but pretty drive to get there, and we were a bit tired. Not sure I would do a post-cruise tour again. But you might have a great time. Hope that helps. 

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