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Disembarking delays

D Alt

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Well had a later checkout today. My number was called and i literally get down to the gangway area and all hell was breaking loose with an irate couple who i guess were being stopped because they had an outstanding bill and credit card issues.

Well she was wheelchair bound and was not about to move and go back to guest services to resolve the issue.  Now of course the staff stopped anyone else from going through but what we didnt know was it was not because of this woman but problems with CBT and immigration process. So one lady frustrated that we were waiting there for a good 10-15 mins started yelling at this couple complaining she had a flight to catch and she was keeping us all there. But that wasnt the real issue. 

The line was backed up in the terminal. Terminal G.  By the time we finally were allowed to go ahead then there was a huge line at baggage claim. Didnt know where my bag was but the handlers helped. It would have been nice if it was posted somewhere to find your number. 

Took a good hour to get through the whole section and up to customs agent who was very nice and didnt ask about the alcohol i had. The worst part was the line with heavy luggage. 

Good thing i didnt have a flight to catch but if i did I'd make it much later in the day. Wish hotels let you check in earlier. 

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