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Issues with covid test I rec'd thru RC

Linda R

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My first test I ordered from RC site to order Covid tests were the first week they were offered.  I order 4, paid for 4, and only rec'd 2.  Emailed them and no response.

A few days ago I rec'd my next order of 2 Covid tests and  they expired last month.  Also contacted them, no response.   I would think RC should know about these issues and I keep spending money with no return.   Tried emailing RC, no response and I am on hold too long when I call and hang up.   Am tired of wasting my time and money.

So, my experiences with buying covid test thru RC site are not good.  Very frustrated.  


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1 hour ago, smokeybandit said:

RC is not selling the tests.  Optum is. And your tests don't expire by the date on the package. They all have a  near 3 month extension that you can look up here


https://www.health.nd.gov/sites/www/files/documents/Webpage Updates/COVID-19_BinaxNOW_Product_Expiry_Extension.pdf

Yes, I know Optum is selling the tests, and that is who I have been trying to contact.  But just found out that the Sept. dates of expiration are now December.  Good to know.

I will just not worry at this time about the 2 tests I didn't receive.  No big deal I guess.    

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