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Pillow Question.

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Going on Majesty of the Seas tomorrow. I am laying here thinking if there is anything I am forgetting.

I sleep with a memory pillow, as well as a Body pillow.

I was going to bring my own pillows for this Cruise, but I can't justify the Space they take up.


With that being said, I am wondering if my state room Attendant will be able to accommodate my Request, for like 2 extra pillows?

My Friend has also stated she will want a extra pillow as well.


Thank for any help answering this Question.

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Kat, I feel certain that they will get extra pillows for you. It is a very reasonable request. I would not lug my own unless you absolutely HAVE to have your own pillow (I have a girlfriend who always takes her own....but she's weird like that !).


Enjoy your cruise !


I did not take them when I went on Allure this past May. I did not think about asking for extra when I was on Allure, but did have some sleeping issues.

I do have neck & Migranes problems sometimes. If my Neck is not supported properly, I get migraines.

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I don't want to be known as the cruiser referred to as princess and the Pea, HOWEVER...... I had a hard time sleeping with the pillows provided by Royal Caribbean. I do sleep with a memory foam pillow, and the pillows that Royal Caribbean has, did not seem to support my neck even with two pillows 😕


My next cruise again will be on majesty of the seas, for a group cruise on February 3rd. More than likely, I will be bringing my own pillow. 😉


Thank you everyone for your input. 😊

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Hey Kat, I've seen people recommend the vacuum bags that you roll up to take the air out for packing the memory foam pillow. It will still weigh the same obviously but will take up a lot less space.

I did not think of that! I will have to try that.


Thank you very much!!! ☺ï¸

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