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Room service options - Jewel

D Alt

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I drink a lot of coffee in the morning but don't want to spend the extra money for the beverage packages. I don't need special coffees.  

1 - If I order room service for the complimentary continental breakfast, can they bring me a pot of coffee instead of a couple of cups worth?  What other areas of the ship can I get coffee for free?  Windjammer and MDR, I'm guessing. 

2- Also what foods are included in the continental ? 

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The coffee always comes in a carafe to keep it warm. The size you receive depends on how many you specify for your order. If you say 2 then they assume 2 people so you get 2 mugs and a smaller carafe. Even if you call and try to explain you want a lot of coffee sometimes things get lost in translation. You can always call and order more. Don't forget to ask for cream and sugar if you want that as well.

Continental breakfast basically is fruit, pastries, yogurt, oatmeal and carbs that you can put butter and jelly on (toast, bagels, etc.) Bacon and eggs will have a room service fee added, but it's a flat fee for as much as you order at once.

Free coffee should be available in the MDR, Windjammer and 24/7 at Park Cafe in the Solarium on Jewel. 

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