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*ALLURE*d on the Seas - September 5-12, 2021 LIVEish


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11 hours ago, Ampurp85 said:

@CGTLHWhen we went to Egypt it happened every day. When they found out we were siblings they would ask my brother to marry me. Apparently I am worth 5 alabaster statues, 2 small pyramids and 1 large pyramid.

Oh.....I'll bet if he had held out he could have gotten at LEAST 2 large pyramids !


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1 hour ago, AshleyDillo said:

Alan did put up a couple decorations in the room. @CGTLH tag, you're it.

Time for the photos of decorations. Figured since I had the laptop busted out and now connected to WiFi I'd be fancy and do some processing work with the photos.

Heading back to the room it solidified the flamingo note was taken well.


Rounding the hall to the living room area we were greeted some "Happy Birthday" decorations hanging from the ceiling.




Closeup of the items that were placed on the table, no idea why the Michigan State cup was given as a gift.


Moving the gifts away for a better view of our flamingo friend.



Waiting on the bed was a cake made by our suite attendant.


It was nice, but a bit dry.

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This morning we are docked in St. Maarten. 


No real plans to do anything.  I believe this island is on my itinerary again at least 4 times over the next 6 months, so I don't feel like I would be missing out if I let my laziness keep me from getting off the ship.  You would think I would have learned not to take it for granted over these past 18 months.

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IF (big IF) we are allowed to cruise in Nov (11-21-21) we are on Allure in SC...so MAYbe we'll finally get to meet Alan.  This cruise is a western Carrib so doesn't go anywhere near St. Thomas, The Bahamas or Coco Cay.  There is really no reason to restrict this cruise to vaxxed only but I'm sure they will.  This is the second leg of a B2B on Allure (11-14 and 11-21).  Right now we're not permitted to do B2B either so that reduces the chances of our getting on EITHER one of these cruises.

Oh well....still booked.  Not giving up yet.

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So pretty - I cannot wait to get back to SXM. Theoretically we'll be there end of January next year and I can't wait. 

Oddly enough, I might be most excited about finally buying one of those framed Star Wars script pages that I passed on the last time I was there. 🤓

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I'm really enjoying this.  It sounds like ya'll are having fun.  I will be on Allure in January in Sky Class.  I will have the drink package, so the lack of free drinks doesn't bother me that much, but I would like to be able to get a drink in the suite lounge outside "happy hour".  Do you know if they will serving drinks that you pay for?

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27 minutes ago, Fairlynew said:

Do you know if they will serving drinks that you pay for?

I don't know for sure since the policy won't kick in until the next cruise. I would assume the bar would remain open to serve Coastal Kitchen. The drinks that used to be complimentary during the day for suite guests may no longer be complimentary outside of happy hour.

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2pm is afternoon snack delivery time. It was the same chicken wings, tenders and fries. At least this time we were in the room when it was delivered..might as well enjoy them while they're hot. Coastal Kitchen lunch was so 30 minutes ago.


They still don't have buffalo sauce down. They use a sticky, sweet heat version on the wings rather than a spicy, vinegar based sauce. I don't believe I have managed to come across a ship that has been able to nail that flavor profile.

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Another dinner, another tableside chat sesh with Alan. He was able to reserve us a meeting tomorrow morning in the Suite Lounge with a NextCruise representative, cuz YOLO Book It! We are going to schedule breakfast delivery to wake us up in time for this.

We got our requested table at our requested time with our requested waitress at Giovannis this time and I breathed a sigh of relief. There was no meltdown when my mother's filet came out too rare twice when she ordered it medium rare. She was finally satisfied when it came back medium. But ordering it as medium would mean it might come out overdone 🙄. My filet was a perfect medium rare (still too rare for her as I did originally offer to trade). The filet is as good as Coastal Kitchen's. I still have to try the one at Chops and the one at Coco Beach Club to complete Le Tour de Boeuf for this cruise.

Later on this evening is some late night comedy for my brother and I and I'm guessing people watching or sleeping on the room balcony for my mother.

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