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What Happens When Only One Person Backs Out?

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My family booked an April 2022 cruise on Mariner of the Seas and we currently have 2 balcony rooms. We started out with 5 people, one person already backed out but we were able to cancel them with very little hassle and actually got a price drop. We intend to put 2 people in each room.

My 74 yo Mom is already considering not going now, which would leave just me and my two teenage kids. Obviously we wouldn't be able to keep both rooms since you have to have an adult in each room so what happens if she decides to cancel? I might be able to put someone in her place but if we can't will we have options? Mom has already said she wouldn't want a future cruise credit because she doesn't know if she would ever use it. Could we drop one room and get a credit towards the remaining room? On board credit? I'm realistic that there wouldn't be a refund but we're hoping for something. Thanks for any info.


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If you have two rooms with two in one and one in the other someone is going to have to pay for a second person or solo rate in the single person room. Might talk to Royal about consolidating into one room if you have only three cruisers. With them trying to move everyone to a balcony or higher on the ships you may get a good deal.

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There is an unadvertised sale currently that seems to be waiving the single supplement on a lot of cruises (basically using a single traveler pays a supplement equal to the same amount as a second passenger so the cabin costs the same regardless).

I would check with Royal/TA to see what the current situiation is.

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Do a mock booking for the cabin category you have to see the cost of a solo passenger, that is what you can expect to pay if it’s just you in the cabin.

you can have your kids in an adjacent/connecting or across the hall cabin, no need to share a cabin with them.

if your mom was slated to be in a cabin with one of the kids (or you) , it could be that cabin price may go up if she had her C&A, senior rate, state of residence discount on the cabin.

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