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Odyssey Switch and Fare Prices


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I saw on another thread that people were discussing the drops in Fare Prices, but I didn't want to usurp that thread.

I'm curious if anyone who got switched over to the Odyssey OTS (say from the Indy OTS) has seen any price drops significant enough to get OBC.  In my case, since they kept us in the 1BR GS at the same price as the Indy, the price differential when we swapped was so significant that I don't think there will be any way to get a better price - and that's definitely not my goal with this post. While I have seen some price drops on the GS, it still isn't even close to the final price we paid.

I'm just curious if it was my unique circumstances or if everyone who moved over was in the same boat (hmm... pun in there somewhere).

In some ways, the swap from the Indy to the Odyssey feels a lot like the $18/day drink package. I think Royal really took care of us, even though they could have easily swapped us dollar for dollar to a lower tier cabin (like a JS instead of the GS). They also offered a fantastic RoyalUp to one of the lofts, so if that comes through, we'll really feel like we won the lottery on this cruise.

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