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Entertainment reservations on Oasis

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Just wondering- we have My time dining reservations every night 7:30-9:30. Will I be able to make a reservation for a 9:30 show in My Cruise Planner? Anyone had experience with this?

I am worried the system wouldn't allow this since they say to show up 15-30 minutes before a show starts (and we never take 2 hours for dinner).

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I've never made reservations for MTD, so I don't have direct experience. However, as long as the times don't overlap, you should be able to reserve. I'd also recommend telling your servers on those nights so they can make sure that you finish in time. For what it's worth, dinner has never taken two hours for me in MTD, so I think you'll be fine.

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The systems are not connected in our experience.  You can change your MTD to different times each day, although I don't think that you can do it through the cruise planner.  We routinely do.  We always do MTD share table.  We adjust our dinner times based on what we are doing that day either after dinner the night before or when we embark at the start of the cruise. 


As for the show, when you go to dinner tell them you want to make the 9:30 show.  They will get you out faster.  Never had a problem.

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