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Photo's from our recent Radiance Cruise


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Just thought Id post links to our photos for the cruise we just did. It was a 33 night circumnavigation of Australia. The cruise also took in New Zealands South Island and Bali.


Bottom End (17 Nights)

Sydney - Picton - Wellington - Akaroa - Dunedin - Dusky/Doubtful/Milford Sounds - Melbourne - Adelaide - Esperance - Albany - Perth



Top End (16 Nights)

Perth - Geraldton - Port Hedland - Benoa - Darwin - Airlie Beach - Brisbane - Sydney



The photos are best viewed in full screen mode... 


2 Ports were missed


Admins: If this isn't the best place to post this feel free to move it.

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OMG LOVED the photo with all the candy on the bed! Great shots.


I actually sat at the table NEXT to the table where your servers were serving when I was on Radiance OTS in Alaska Aug. '13. How funny that I recognized them and they weren't even our servers!

The Candy was because we visited the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Dunedin... It was so cheap 4 Blocks for NZ$10 and we didn't eat any of it before our return.. I think the entire crew from the ship went there that day everyone had bags and bags of chocolate, was hilarious :)

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