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What are the included amenities for an Oceanview Panoramic (no balcony) suite on mariner?

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I will be sailing on Mariner in an oceanview panaromic (no balcony) suite on December 5th, 2022 & what I would like to know what the amenities are for an oceanview panaromic suites with no balcony? 

I have found two different list of perks for suites & they both have me confused as to what amenities is included for oceanview panaromic; what amenities would be included For oceanview panoramic (no balcony) suite.


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  • Bakerette changed the title to What are the included amenities for an Oceanview Panoramic (no balcony) suite on mariner?

The VP Ocean View Panorama (no balcony) are full suites so they will have the same suite benefits that a grand suite and above receive.  A "full suite" is any suite above a Junior Suite.

The Royal Suite Class concept (Sea/Sky/Star) only applies to Quantum and Oasis class ships.   Mariner is part of the Voyager class so it does not have these Royal Suite Classes (Sea/Sky/Star).  As such there is no Coastal Kitchen on Mariner and perks like complimentary Voom internet are not included for full suites on any class other than Quantum and Oasis class. 

Mariner does have a Suite Lounge with a Suite Concierge available as a resource to guests in full suites.   For Mariner the last three photos above can be ignored and any reference to a suite restaurant (Coastal Kitchen) can be ignored. 

When the VP suites were first introduced they were not considered full suites so they were treated like Junior Suites.  A few years ago the VP suites were upgraded to full suite benefits so they now provide the same suite perks compared to Grand Suite and above.

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