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App versus computer versus phone

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When I log into my RC account on the computer, when I go to plan my cruise I see everything normal (excursions, drink packages, etc.)

When I open the app and view my sailings, every option for plan my cruise says "We're putting the finishing touches on your cruise. Check back for updated information"

When I go to the website on my phone and go to plan my cruise, it just keeps taking me back to the login screen. 

I have updated the app. Does anyone else have these same issues? It's annoying only being able to browse options and excursions on a computer.

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I've had a couple cruises shifted where the booking number stays the same.  In the app all of these show the right dates but the wrong ship with the wrong title.  They show the original ship and title as opposed to the current ship of the shifted cruise. 

My former "Odyssey 9 Night Caribbean Cruise" is now Jewel 12 Nights Norway.  The dates are right but it still says 9 Nights Caribbean on the Odyssey.  

Online using my computer it's all correct.   

I'm not too worried about it, the app is a work in progress.  

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