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Have any of you done this excursion in Cozumel? The plane ride (Cessna?) will be interesting, too (we love flying). If you have done this please include info about the plane. Not interested in flying in a Beech Bonanza aircraft.
Chichen Itza by Air
Chichen Itza by Air


Fly over the breathtaking Yucatán Peninsula in a private plane, followed by a guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site, Chichen Itza.

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15 hours ago, twangster said:

Looks like their fleet currently uses two Cessna t206h, a Kodiak 100 and a Cessna 208.


Given the price point I'm guessing they will use the larger plane so it will likely be the 208.   

This looks like fun, though I'd rather use their 206.


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