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MLife and RCL casino royale

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1 hour ago, CruisinForABruisin said:

Does anybody know if there is a way to earn RCL casino royale points when playing at M Life eligible casinos in Vegas? I know they have a relationship as far as discounts are concerned,  but can I earn casino royale offers?

I really don't know either.  I know that MLife gives you a status match for your C&A level but I don't know if it works in reverse.  I status match to MLife Platinum and I use it for valet parking.  That's about the only benefit I have ever realized.  I would think that since it works in 1 direction, it should also work in the opposite direction but my MLife status (aside from the status match) has never been impressive or enviable so I really don't know.

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The linkage is limited to status level, not individual points.  Every point you earn in an MGM casino only impacts your MLIFE status which can earn you a free cruise w OBC.  Similarly, points earned in Casino Royale only impacts your Club Royale status but that status has a matched status at MLIFE that comes with its own perks.

Don't discount the value of the MLIFE match based on CR status.  Diamond Plus gets you to Platinum with MGM which allows you to earn a 30% bonus on points and express comps.

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