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Received email saying my November 16, 2020 Mariner of the Seas was canceled, I called .....

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I just received an email saying my Mariner of the Seas for November 16, 2020 was cancelled.  This was a Comped cruise that I upgraded to a Junior Suite.  

I called Casino Royale to do a Lift and Shift and was told since it was a Comped cruise, the Casino Staff has not been told what options if any would be offered and suggested I call back tomorrow.



( Proud military veteran and retired Navy Submarine Sailor )


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For the last round of cancellations, Club Royale did allow us to move one of the comped/cancelled cruises that we had but it wasn't a true Lift & Shift.  Rather than 1 year forward, they allowed me to move from October 2020 to February 2021.  For the ones that they just cancelled, however, I just asked for a refund.  They were shorty cruises on NAV and not worth the hassle of moving.  If I had a 7 night cruise rather than 3 and 4 night cruises, I would have tried to move it.  The logistics of trying to move 2 are just too difficult.

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