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Royal App Sailing Availability


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Well after my second cancellation I booked again for next summer! 3rd time lucky? 

So I’m back to 327 days and counting. I have never booked this far out before. Can anyone tell me when the Royal App starts to let you explore your sailing? Or has COVID 19 disrupted this as well? 

Back to waiting for my 90 day check-in, stalking the blog, and watching cruise planner every day. 



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That's a good question - wondered that myself.   I still have a cruise on the books for this November, and while the APP works, I get the message "We're still working on the fun".  I think the normal preview  is out the window while under the hiatus.   But normally its as described above - you'll would see things at least within the 90-day window, and usually far earlier. Maybe the company furlowed the employees who maintain and keep the APP updated. 

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