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Photo Package on Anthem: Buy Now or Onboard?

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We have never purchased a photo package but this time I would like to get the unlimited photo package for our upcoming Anthem cruise since my nephew is coming with us. Right now, on the photographer's website, the unlimited is $249.99 for all the photos on a USB. Does anyone know if they give discount offers onboard or should I just purchase now and not have to worry about it?


Only 11 more days - so excited  :D



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For the last five or so years every Royal cruise I have been on has offered a $50 discount for the top package, all photos printed and a disk that allows you to download all photos. So I would wait until you are on the ship. You will pay the same price or less than the pre purchase price.

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We never get the photo package because there seems to be fewer and fewer pictures we want to keep. In your case it will probably be worth it. A discount on the package is always one of the coupons inyour cabin when you board. Almost always, anyway. Whether they inflate the prices before then discount them, I have no clue. Maybe someone that has recently cruised can tell you how much the discounted price on the ship was.


Regardless, happy cruising!!

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