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Yes if you have the drink package you can use it at any of the bars on CocoCay.  I believe the beach club has a bar but you must have purchased the beach club day pass to use that bar.  Beach chairs are provided free and not reservable (except day beds and cabanas which cost extra and are reservable) 

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Drink package works the same on the island as it does onboard.  Things like drinks over the price limit or in things like a coconut or souvenir glass will incur an additional charge but I've so far never paid above and beyond.  Chairs are everywhere, and as mentioned above, unless you want a cabana or day bed you won't be expected to pay any extra.

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It's mostly all inclusive. Captain Jacks (Wings and fires), beach club and the big water park are the only things not included outside of excursion activities / items (things like water skis, cabanas, & day beds, etc)


There are a few snack shacks around the island to grab a bite at and the main dining venue that are included. Both have a pretty good selection depending on what you are looking for (the chicken sandwich at the snack shack is as good as people make it out to be, try it!). Drink package works the same as it does on the ship. Plenty of loungers around the island both by the pool and the beach that are free. Kids water attractions included, of beach type games and events are around too.


I can't wait to go back and explore more than just the beach club!



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