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Coco Cay South Beach B Beds-no longer with loungers

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Hello, I don't think this is old news so sharing here. South Beach beach beds do not include loungers. It was just what I needed to prompt me to pull the trigger on a Cabana so yay but thought someone else may benefit  from this information. 

South Beach is the only item mentioned below, but my guess is it's the same all over judging by the description and pictures that go along with the excursion in the CP.  The loungers are no longer pictured or in the description. If anyone discovers different please let me know!


Thank you for contacting the Shore Excursions team.

Kindly note, the South Beach Full Day Beach Bed Rental tour ZHF7 will only include floating beach mats, stocked water cooler and beach towels.

We hope you find this information useful and we thank you for taking the time to write Royal Caribbean International.

Kind regards,


Shore Excursions Inquiry Team | Private Journeys Assistant | Global Tour Operations


Now to decide which Cabana to get!

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Yes that is what family is for ❤️

Loungers were always a part of my decision making process (I'd like full sun, I'd like some shade)  but it wasn't enough for me to get up in arms and have a whole brouhaha about, but thought it relevant. Please be sure to comment if it's not across the board on all beds, and happy sailing.

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