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  1. Thanks. I did hire a private person to show us around. What can’t we miss on the island?
  2. Just wondering what the difference between tour 1 and 2. Or should we just do a beach day?? Thanks
  3. We would like to go to St.John. Is this a good idea? We are thinking of St.John on our own. Has anyone done secret sands?? thx
  4. How are the beds configured. I only see a sofa. How does the 3 or 4th person sleep. With Carnivsl the bed comes from the top. Just wondering.
  5. Hello we are going to St.Maarten and St. Thomas. what did you book as an excursion for the 2 ports? Any recommendations? I was thinking St.John on our own sound good. I need something in St. Maarten
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