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Specialty Dining

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I have a few questions about the specialty dining on our Oasis cruise in June.  As of now I haven't purchased any dining plans (the only extra we have purchased is the refreshment package), but trying to figure out if it would be beneficial or not.  We aren't foodies so I think we'd be fine eating at the MDR.  However, I know we will be visiting the BBQ because DS is a huge bbq lover, and probably Playmakers, and the kids love hibachi and Italian.  So knowing that, it may be about the same price to get the 3 night dining package.  With the 3 night package, do you have to go at dinner or can you go at lunch time?  Or with the UDP can you visit lunch and dinner? 

Also, I have two kids under 5 (and a 13 yr old).  How does that work with the specialty dining?  I see in the small print it in the dining packages it says that children 0-5 are complimentary if they eat off of the kids menu.  Is that true with any of the specialty restaurants?  If I get dining packages, would I just get them for the 3 adults?  How would that work with reservations - would we make a reservation for all 5 of us and then the two little ones wouldn't be charged?  

Just trying to get everything straight so I have an idea of what to do before I get there!  Thanks!!

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I have never had the UDP but on our cruise we went to Hibachi for the family and had a date night for DW and I at Giovanni's.One advantage of not using a package is you can reserve in the cruise planner prior to departure. Packages require you to make reservations once aboard unless you are cruising above JR Suite.  Sometimes it is better to get exactly what you vs saving a few bucks. This comes from  a relative cheapskate .000000000000000000

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4 hours ago, Ohio_Momof3 said:

Thanks so much! I didn't realize about the reservations.  I think we will just go without the package

If you do make reservations through cruise planner, I've seen it recommended that you only make them for the adults because the cruise planner will charge the adult price for everyone.  Then once you are on board, go to any restaurant and update your reservations to include the kids at the kids price.  If you do reserve for everyone, they will refund the difference but you'll be out the money until the cruise which might be inconvenient depending on your finances.

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