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Splitting the drinks bill between staterooms

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Hey there, 

Wife, son and I are going on a cruise. My mother and mother in law are joining us but are gonna share their own stateroom. 

We wouldn't drink enough to benefit from drinks package but would take 1 or 2 bevys a day with dinner maybe 1 or 2 by the pool. How do people split the bill? I wouldn't like to be going to the bar with 3 stateroom cards... 

My wife and i


Mother in law's

And charging individually to each account. Can you set up a purse account or something like that for this type of thing? Whilst also allowing each of us to make our own individual purchases? 

Many thanks 

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Each person has an onboard account.  By default when a card is swiped that person's account is billed much like a credit card.  

If you want to pay for everyone's drink, use your card.  If you want everyone to buy their own drinks, take all the cards to the bar or wait for a server and let each guest hand their card to the server with their order.  

There are no master accounts or pooled accounts. 

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