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Day Beds - Chill Island or South Beach?


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33 minutes ago, kelliejkunz said:

We are going to rent a day bed for our day at CocoCay. Would you recommend Chill Island or South Beach? We sail January 4th, 2020.

South Beach will open in January of 2020 so nobody will be able to give you an informed opinion just yet.  I'm sure there will be reviews when it opens!  Enjoy!

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Even though the 'coco beach club' isn't open.....an opinion can be provided from people who have previously been to CocoCay and been to both locations.

1. South beach area has near flawless view IMO......there is nothing but clear blue and green water all the way to the horizon.  It is however shallow and one can walk out a vast distance in the water without ever getting in deep so if you want to say snorkel....it might not be the best and you may find yourself moving far away from home base

2. Chill island has man made inlets so it offers ramp down into deep swimmable water very easily.  It also opens up into deeper water that is great for snorkling.  The 'view' is not as nice as south beach as you look towards the neighboring island(s) and the ship. 


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