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Big Tule

Voyagers amped deckplans

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Surprised they even know.

2 phonecalls and 3 messages to them asking about Johnny Rockets over the past month and I was told yes it will definitely be there in some form. Wrong. 

The latest conversation was the best hands down, after asking i got a message back 10 minutes later saying yes will be on board. When I informed them that someone currenly on the first sailing has said no that is incorrect they went and checked and replied 10 minutes later with, "Sorry to mislead you, no Johnny Rockets but please take advantage of our new dining options". Haha this should be good, I replied "Please tell me what they are" and they came back with "Sorry There is nothing new on Voyager"

When I explined that Johnny Rockets is still advertised on the website on the ships page they wanted me to provide a screenshot for them. I politely declined.

To be fair not all that fussed tht there is no Johnny Rockets but something else for a ship that size and now with an extra 150 people would be good.

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1 hour ago, Big Tule said:

There also seems to be a glitch in the deck plans .... on deck 9  it still has concierge club showing yet new suite deck on deck 14 and diamond club on deck 5 have been added to plans


It looks like the inside cabins added forward of there on the deck plans should be in it's place same on the other decks, I don't imagine they would have filled in part of the atrium for cabins?! 

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