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Internet package question

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Hi guys quick question i purchased the internet package but just found out that through my cell provider(t mobile) i have  free overseas texting and roaming .25 cents a minute the calls.  I verified and all 4 ports im going to it covers.  Do any of you have previous experience with this t mobile service or should i stick to my internet package ?

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Are you referring to onboard VOOM versus what your cell phone provider has ON LAND?  Being on a ship is not overseas, it is at sea which is a lot more expensive.  VOOM doesn't work off the ship with the exception of CoCoCay.  So if you could clarify what you are trying to accomplish we can give you a better answer.


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I had Verizon wireless for 4 years and within that time I went on 2 cruises when I had Verizon as my cellular provider and I did have $1.00 per minute calling & 25¢ per text sent and 5¢ per text received while on a cruise ship , which is the same as T-Mobile.

I had been on a cruise once over 4 years ago when I had T-Mobile and I had turned airplane mode on and then connected to the ships WiFi for the week and I had even purchased Voom then when I got home I had gotten a bill form T-Mobile that was more than what my cellphone bill normally is and because of that I made the decision to switch to Verizon and I made the right decision because I went on other cruises after I switched providers and before both cruises I had purchased voom, when I got on the ship I put my phone on airplane mode and when I got to my stateroom I had connected to WiFi and types in the password that I was given so I could connect to the ships WiFi, and before I got to the cruise terminal I called Verizon and told them that I was going on a  weeklong cruise and they asked me what my destinations were so I had told them what countries that the cruise ship was going to and when I got back from the cruises my cell bill did not increase in price.

Voom only works on the ships and @cococay, not at any destination.

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I’ve traveled extensively with TMobile on cruises.   

As others have mentioned it doesn’t work on the ship.  If you want to be connected while at sea Voom is required.  

Once you reach port TMobile works as advertised.  Data speed is slow but it works and it’s included.  Voice calling is billable at $0.20 per minute.  A five minute phone call is $1. 

They have an optional high speed international day pass for $5 per day that unlocks higher data speeds and unlimited voice calling.  

I have The OnePlus add on that doubles my international data speed to 256k.  

In Canada and Mexico TMobile works like at home at full speed data and unlimited voice calling.  

In some countries when placing a call you have to add “+” in front of the number.  If you normally dial 800-555-1212 that may need to be +1-800-555-1212.  

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