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  1. Quick question guys im sailing this Saturday on symphony of the seas and im about to print out my boarding pass just notice this one say expedited arrival anyone know what this mean? it didn't have that in the past
  2. Hi guys quick question i purchased the internet package but just found out that through my cell provider(t mobile) i have free overseas texting and roaming .25 cents a minute the calls. I verified and all 4 ports im going to it covers. Do any of you have previous experience with this t mobile service or should i stick to my internet package ?
  3. @Brenna hope you had a great trip was wondering if you had a update on the beach beds?
  4. quick question guy i will be sailing oct 26-nov 2 on the symphony still a little nervous of the weather gonna make the best out of it. But i had a quick question my be dumb sorry first time cruiser my wife was wondering if theirs a certain side of the ship we should be on if she wants to be able to see the sun go down in the afternoon since we booked a balcony room.
  5. Thanks guy that was my next question i see there are two different ones South Beach Full day Beach Bed and Full day beach rental which is the one i should pick or what is the difference between them?
  6. Hi guy me and my wife going on the symphony of the seas oct 26 and for cococay i wanted to do the Full-Day Beach Bed Rental i was wondering if anybody has recently booked this and is it worth it? Last day she just want to relax and enjoy the beach?
  7. Hi guys i had a quick question this will be my second cruise i go on my first one was back on march 2019 symphony of the seas i ended up loving. Now i booked one for oct 26-nov2 with my wife kinda nervous due to hurricane weather anybody else sailed during that time what can i expect. Also i booked my flights leaving the night before and getting to miami at 5am embarkation day i dont know if thats pushing it and should change it ? I would appreciate any advice,
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