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Coastal Kitchen Menu Selection


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Hello~ I would like to confirm for my upcoming sailing a question about CK. We will be dining there every evening and forgo the MDR on this our 1st RCCL sailing. ( I like acclimating in a much smaller venue) I checked the app and the menu's are pretty much listed albeit I know some may not be that accurate. If we go to CK and notice an offering on the MDR menu (mushroom soup vs tomato for an example) may we order it? Secondly, is it a huge pain in the a$$ to do this to the wait staff? I know they work hard enough and don't want to be "that person" who messes with the servers timing etc. If he has to run all over the ship I don't believe I would do this (except for lobster night but we will give them the heads up before that evening) Basically just because I may doesn't mean I should?  Thank you for your thoughts, I also don't want to take the server from the other tables they have if this is a long process, then I totally would not enjoy what I thought I would! Thanks everyone.

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Yes, you can order food from the MDR to be served in the CK.  Yes, it is extra work for the CK staff, as someone has to go and fetch it and bring it back.  One thing that can definitely help minimize the extra work is to let the CK know ahead of time that you will be ordering food from the MDR.  That way, they can prepare by having the “special” item on hand ahead of time.  On lobster nights, they are generally prepared to provide lobster tails as it’s a rather common request and they usually have some on hand already.

Just check the menus every day and let them know in the CK if you’re going to want a special delivery.  It helps make the special order less of a PITA.

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