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Cococay snorkeling a la carte?

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Hi all, 

I am working on planning for our Christmas 2019 cruise on Allure. There are 5 of us and we want to snorkel on Cococay. I'm trying to decide whether to use the rental gear or if we should purchase and bring our own. 

Ideally, I would purchase masks and snorkels, and then rent vests and flippers from the snorkel shack on Cococay, but I don't know if they offer the equipment by the piece like that, or if you just have to pay for snorkel gear all or nothing.  Does anyone know if they will rent flippers only, etc.? 

Also, we will have a Chill Island Cabana. It seems like in the past snorkel gear was included with the cabanas, but that may not be the case anymore. Again, if anyone knows for sure I would really appreciate it! 



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do you think you will snorkel at any other ports?  could convince you to bring your own.

I bought "nice" cressi fins and mask for $70.  the price of some single snorkel excursions.  and Ill have those things for life, so seemed like a good purchase.  You can get lesser sets for $30.

life vest would be an issue.  but I am a strong swimmer so I take the risk, not like Im snorkeling in remote locations all by myself either, if i had kids with me, obviously would be a different story.

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We were there in the end of May and also had a chill island cabana.  We only got the water mat and a couple bottles of water included.  I brought my own mask, fin, snorkel and did not use a vest (not required if you bring your own gear...I hate those things!).  I agree that I don't think you can rent one piece. You could ask them once you get on the island at the hut though (or shore excursion desk on boat).  If you find out on the boat that they don't rent one piece you can buy that gear on the boat typically or maybe theres a port before cococay that you could buy some quick for the same price as the entire gear rental cost

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