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Firestick on Brilliance


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6 hours ago, Dimension said:

Does anyone know if I would be able to access the back of the TV to be able to run my Firestick on Brilliance? If I am able to access the back of the TV what remote would you recommend I use to be able to change the source?



I called RCCL twice with this specific question, except on Oasis.  Neither person I spoke to (or the various people THEY spoke to on the line with me!) were aware.  They're small enough that even if they don't work it's not as if you took up a bunch of valuable packing space by bringing them, but I certainly wouldn't count on it working.

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Two issues: physical access to the port on the TV. Some ships have the TV flush against the wall. I don't think this is the case on Brilliance.

The other issue is there is no means to change inputs on the TVs.  Royal Caribbean's remotes do not support it.  You could bring your own universal remote (remember those?), assuming the TV inputs aren't disabled in the TV's firmware.

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