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Price allowance on drinks and menu prices

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Just wondering if anyone can shed light on the current cost of a premium cocktail on a mid-size ship please?

We’ve bought the deluxe beverage package and  I know there’s a $12 cap on the drink cost and that anything over costs more. I though there was quite a large range of cocktails in the $12 or under category, however, I’ve had a look around online and have seen recent menus where a lot of the drinks are $14. I’m hoping that these are just reflective of the largest ships!

Not sure if it helps but we’re on the Jewel of the Seas in September (Eastern Mediterranean)...thank you in advance for any help 😊

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The cap on cost for the package is set such that whatever ship you are on, the package will cover most drinks.  (Generally, only expensive wines and cocktails with top shelf liquor will cost over the cap.)  No one checks when you bought the package so a hidden advantage is that it protects you from price increases.  In other words, if you buy it when most drinks cost $12 on your ship, but a year later when you actually sail, drinks now cost $13, your package still works without paying the extra dollar.  (And people that bought the package recently probably paid more than you.)

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The only time we've been charged more than the cap was for wine that was like $5 or more than the cap, and when we wanted a specialty glass (or pineapple). Every cocktail we ordered was covered, and every glass of wine. So unless you're planning on drinking $30/glass wine, or $70/glass scotch, don't stress too much about it. (Of course, a buck or 2 with the sea pass card to the bartender may "solve" that problem too). 

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