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Wifi Pricing

Lewis Appel

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Here's a recap of my experience on Liberty last OCT/NOV... things may have changed since then on various ships... this is for the standard wi-fi, not Voom.


(1) $20 / day for unlimited access for ONE device (any ONE device at a time... you do not have to select a specific device to use exclusively... I took turns with my wife logging into our own iPads),

(2) $30 / day for unlimited access for TWO devices (same as above - you will see advertising for $15 / day... that's effectively the price per device when you select this plan... very misleading advertising). and

(3) $40 for 24 hours unlimited access for ONE device (NOT minutes, but clock time... once you purchase and login, the access expires 24 hours later)


* PS - With the first 2 plans, you can sign up at any time during the cruise (pro-rated from remaining days of the cruise at same rate).  I refused to pay $200 for one device (10-night cruise) at the start of the cruise, so I waited until the mid-point of the cruise and then signed up (pro-rated for remaining days of cruise - last 5 days for $100).  You are charged from the point of sign up to the last day of the cruise at either $20 or $30 / day rate based on plan selected.  So I remained off the grid for the first 5 nights!   :)

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We just got off the Freedom of the Seas yesterday. $15 for one person and 1/2 off the second person.

Interesting, usually non-Voom is $20 per day per device.  Freedom is getting Voom at some point this year, but was not aware it was activated quite yet.


Someone sent me a copy of the Jan 17 Freedom sailing and it was $15: http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/freedom-of-the-seas/sun-2016-01-17-0000

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Enchantment, Freedom, Majesty, Jewel, Empress and (we think) Liberty are all getting it this year.


Adventure has several weeks where it's not sailing in Oct/early Nov. 16.  I presume it's a refurb-refresh.  I'm hoping they manage to work in adding Voom while it's out of commission.

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Any chance Freedom gets it in the next 3.5 weeks?

Honestly, I have no idea.  The only reason we even know Freedom is getting Voom is because there was a promotion offering free Voom on Freedom. That deal was for cruises beginning in May, so it's anyone's guess when Voom gets turned on.

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