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Gluten free options

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2 minutes ago, spursfreak21 said:

My wife likes to avoid eating gluten and I’m wondering what the options will be in the MDR? Will we need to mention something before the trip or will there be gluten free options on the menu?

Since it's a personal preference and not an allergy, you don't need to report it ahead of time.  The menus will have a notation next to each dish which are gluten free.  If she doesn't like that night's designated meal (some nights there will be more than one with the notation) then she can try a special request. 

Do you have an assigned seating or My Time? If you are at an assigned table, then mention to the waiter on night one and he/she will make an effort to offer suggestions each night.  If you are in My Time, you may or may not get the same wait staff each night, so you may need to mention it each time.  But at least it's not an allergy, so if she gets a bit of flour in a sauce you don't need to worry about a life-threatening reaction.

We avoid gluten at home, only eating gluten-free pastas and cereals, no bread.  But when we go out, we're more than happy to dig into a good slice of pizza, and just deal with the heartburn later.  We have an amazing pizza place near us that makes the most amazing gluten free pizza - it's like eating pizza on a Cheese-it cracker!! OMG so good.  But I digress...it's easy to avoid gluten by skipping the bread basket they put on the table, not ordering the pasta dishes.  Ask for the meats with no gravy or sauces.  

You'll find a recent thread here about eating vegetarian; in that thread I posted pictures of 6 or 7 main dining room menus.  If you take a look at them you'll have an idea of what to expect. 


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