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Unlimited Dining on 3 night?

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1 hour ago, jake1004 said:

Anyone know how unlimited dining works on the 3 day cruises (Miami, Cococay, Nassau)? Is lunch included on boarding day since there are reservations available for Chops, Jamies, etc?



Unlimited dining gives you boarding day lunch in the specialty restaurants. 

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We are on NAV right now on a B2B 3,4 night combo.  We were not allowed to eat at Chops on embarkation day (Key only) but we were allowed to eat at Jamie’s. I’m not much of a Jamie’s fan but at least we got a nice sit-down lunch. There was no specialty restaurant open on our day at Coco Cay (yesterday) for lunch but we were told that Izumi would be open for lunch today (Nassau). We’ll know a bit later if it’s true.  We LOVED Hooked.  The amount of food that is included is truly amazing.  It even includes the whole Maine lobster.  Truthfully, I look for this restaurant to go a la carte soon...just my opinion.  It’s an incredible value for the UDP.  I don’t  think it will last as an all-inclusive. 

Tomorrow is turnaround day so I suspect we will be stuck with Jamie’s again for lunch.  Ugh. Chops has been on par with what we expect.  Have not tried Playmakers or El Loco Fresh (or whatever it’s called). Stephanie and Canoe are on this trip with us and they went to Hooked last night for oysters and soup and then came to Chops later for a full meal and had no problem so it looks like the multiple dining venues option is working.  That’s great news ! BTW, the New England clam chowder at Hooked is ALMOST as good as mine...and they give you a gallon.  Lol. The oysters were only “ok”.  I like them really salty and these were a bit bland and the crackers they gave us were more like Communion wafers than crackers.  The oysters are very popular though !

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