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  1. Just booked a 6 day Western on Adventure. It will be stopping in the Grand Cayman and I am looking into excursions there. We did some snorkeling with sting rays previously and were looking at 7 Mile beach. I see two excursions: 7 mile beach break and Coral Beach club at 7 mile beach. I don't know which one is better! Any advice?
  2. Has anyone recently been on Navigator and done self-carry off? Ship is said to arrive at 6 and self carry begins at 730.... has anyone gotten off before then?
  3. Has anyone done the pigs excursion at Cococay? Is it worth getting off the boat for??
  4. We love escape rooms, but now $20 per person (probably because people were no-showing)... would you do it? Is it wroth it?
  5. Going in August for a special trip.... stopping in Nassau.... again. We have been so many times, we've never felt the need to get off in Nassau again, but wondering if we are missing anything by not doing the Atlantis waterpark for the day. Anyone been and have any thoughts on this? TIA!
  6. Anyone know how unlimited dining works on the 3 day cruises (Miami, Cococay, Nassau)? Is lunch included on boarding day since there are reservations available for Chops, Jamies, etc? TYIA!!
  7. We usually stay onboard, but going for a special occasion and thought we might jump off and see what's new. Maybe a quick trip then back onboard Thanks all!
  8. So many options- what would you do for an excursion at Cococay if it was your first time back?
  9. Just booked a super quick cruise on Navigator in August to celebrate a birthday. We are coming in the night before so that we hopefully don't have any "what-ifs". Does anyone have a recommendation for a good hotel for the night? Thanks!
  10. I agree! Anthem is one of my favorite ships but this was an odd experience! Agree on the Boston immigration! So smooth and even better getting off this morning! Our North Star reservation was cancelled? Well not sure if I can call it cancelled because there was no one there to tell us! We just assumed when we couldn’t get up. No one standing there to tell us. We didn’t even try to rebook. What did you think about getting off ship? There was never anyone to direct us! We didn’t really know what stairs to go down and when we finally got down them in Bermuda, there was no one to direct
  11. Sitting in Bayonne, waiting to get off Anthem tomorrow (due to weather). Had a few thoughts on this cruise that I wanted to share. I have been on Anthem several years in a row. I have never had an experience like this one. Sure, there was a medical emergency that forced us to turn back to Bayonne, bad weather that made us come home early, odd port stops, but none of that was a bother to me- some of it was life and death! What I'm referencing is overall disorganization of the ship. For instance, at dinner. MTD with reservations was significantly slower than without reservations. Onc
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