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Third Quantum Class Ship.


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Eventually as the Asian market ramps up I wouldn't be surprised to see both an Oasis and Quantum class ship there for at least part of the year. If everything pans out the way Royal Caribbean wants it, I've seen rumors that there are 4 Quantum class ships on order and eventually 5 Oasis class ships. With enough ships to go around we could see permanent ships in Asia, Australia, Southampton and the US.


The Asians will probably go crazy over an Oasis class ship. And the new Kai Tak terminal in Hong Kong opened this year and is capable of handling Oasis class ships. There is even a photo of an Oasis class ship on the Kai Tak cruise terminal website. http://www.kaitakcruiseterminal.com.hk/


Some folks say 5 Oasis class ships would be too much. But in the next 10 to 20 years Royal Caribbean will probably be thinking about discontinuing the Vision class ships in favor of larger more energy efficient ships. The Oasis class ships are cash cows for Royal Caribbean, and money talks.

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I agree with the feeling that one Quantum ship will be based in Asia. Asia has been gaining lots of momentum in cruising and with preferences shifting to european and american cruise lines over the traditional asian cruise lines, it will be no surprise if a Quantum ship is based in this region. 


An Oasis-class could be out of the question in my opinion. It's far too huge for it to be effectively filled for Asian voyages. But it will definitely be awesome if one of those 225,000 beauties could come to Asia!  :D

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