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Ports on Symphony April 6th. Walk offs?

Brenda Landry

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Nice itinerary !  So glad to see Symphony going to Costa Maya.  If you want an inexpensive day at Costa Maya, just take the shuttle from the ship into town (Mahahual) and go to the beach.  We usually head to the Krazy Lobster but there are other restaurants that are similar.  They have inexpensive food and $1 Coronas.  They will give you a table, lounger, hammock (if you can find an empty one !) and it's a fun and inexpensive day.  The only down side to the beach at Mahahual is that you have to contend with the roving trinket sellers.  They will move on if you kindly say "no thank you" but they are plentiful ! The shuttle only runs one way (bizarre but true) so you will have to take a Taxi back to the ship but it is not expensive.  You can also just stay in the compound at Costa Maya.  They have a nice restaurant/swim-up bar pool and lots of shopping. 

For Roatan, I recommend that if you are not going to one of the all inclusive resorts/beaches that you just remain on the ship.  Wandering around in Roatan is not a recommended event, especially if you get into the wrong area.  The roads are abysmal unless you are in the tourist/resort areas.

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On 3/9/2019 at 8:13 AM, Brenda Landry said:

Hello we are in the Symphony starting April 6th. Ports are Honduras, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Nassau. Does anyone know if there are beaches without taking a transfer. Tenders?  And recommendations for inexpensive excursions. I.e. taxi to a beach for snorkeling etc...  Thanks. ?‍♂️????‍♀️??⚓

My husband and I will be on this sailing as well! 

In vacations past, I remember going to a free beach fairly close to the port in Cozumel (we just hopped in a cab and asked to be taken to the beach so I don't know the name) The only problem we had was the amount of jellyfish. Ended up not being able to go in the water without being stung. I was awful. Someone set it was migrating season though so perhaps that only happens in the summer/fall?

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