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Harmony ? Super Bowl ? Cruise [not] Live [at all] Blog - February 3-10, 2019


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1 hour ago, cbnsoul said:

Great “live” blog.  I can’t share your enthusiasm for Columbus, though.  We thought it was easily the worst show we’d ever seen on a ship.

Thank you! And I can definitely understand why you would feel that way. I was getting there when the dancing cheeseburgers came out but I did like the ending. I gave my wife a confused look when that part was happening. It definitely isn't in my top 5 shows I've seen on Royal Caribbean ships, but having just been on Carnival it makes it seem like Shakespeare quality!

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>We booked a Central Park Balcony for this cruise because we liked the perks that came with it. You get a free bottle of red wine, which is nice, but we were really excited about the complimentary specialty lunch.

Are the perks available for everyone that reserved a Central Park Balcony? I have already booked one for April Cruise, however I was not aware of the perks.

Please tell me!

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Day 6 (Labadee)

We arrived in Labadee at 10AM. It was a pretty cloudy day but the captain said it may rain a little bit and then it should clear up. It didn't bother us because it was the first day of the cruise that we didn't have perfect weather. The captain said we may get a little rain, but it should clear up after that. We got off the ship and the first thing my wife wanted to do was try a Labadoozie. We stopped at the first bar off the ship and had one. 


We sat at the bar and enjoyed it until it started to rain a little bit. We thought about getting back on the boat and waiting it out there, but the line for security to get back on was really long so we decided to wait it out at the bar since it was a covered area. When we finished our drink we headed over to the lunch area to try out the barbecue. I wasn't a huge fan of the food, but it wasn't bad and I found plenty to eat. Next time I would probably get back on the ship and get some lunch at the Windjammer just to have more of a selection.


By the time we finished eating the rain had stopped and the sun started to poke out a little bit. We headed over to Adrenaline Beach watching some of the zip liners. My wife had enjoyed her first one, so she had another Labadoozie, this time in the souvenir cup.



After that we headed over to Columbus Cove to relax for a little while. There were plenty of chairs available so we sat and relaxed for a while. 


Next we decided to walk around on some of the trails before heading back on the ship. We wanted to get back on early and see if we could get Sabor using our complimentary lunch since we were staying in a Central Park Balcony.




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Day 6 (Night)

When we got back on the ship we headed over to Sabor to see if we could have lunch. It was actually already around 4:30 but they were serving "lunch" all the way up until 5:30. Even thought you are only technically allowed to use your complimentary specialty lunch on a sea day we asked if it was ok and they said that because it wasn't busy we could do it. This is a great example of it never hurts to ask. We really liked Sabor and had a really great meal. We had so much food we didn't have room, but our server insisted and offered us some desert in a to go box which we took with us and enjoyed on our balcony. 






After all of that food we laid down and a took a nap for a little while. When we woke up we saw that there was a showing for The Fine Line that had been cancelled earlier in the cruise and decided to go try to get a seat in standby. We got there about 20 minutes early and were able to get great seats to see it again. I can't say enough about that show and would happily have seen it a third time if I had the chance.

After the show we went and had some drinks in the Schooner Bar. For whatever reason we have never spent a ton of time in there on any of our cruises, but I really enjoyed in on Harmony. They have one of the best drink menus on the ship and on top of that the menu has a lot of cool throwbacks to Royal Caribbean history in there that were really interesting to read.


Next we enjoyed the 90s party in the promenade before heading to one of our favorite events of any cruise: The Quest. This is our third Quest ever and I am proud to say that our team was victorious for the 3rd straight time! The Quest is a lot of fun and if you have never been I highly recommend it. Even if you don't want to participate you can still sit in the back and cheer on your team. If you want to help out the team without doing anything embarrassing just bring a cruise compass. That is always one of the first items of the game.


After the Quest we did our nightly routine which was listening to Kieron play in the pub and then grabbing some pizza before heading back to the room. When we got back we had some really bad news waiting for us. Apparently they were making us leave soon...


Tomorrow is a sea day and our final day of the cruise. It is crazy how fast cruises go by. 


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On 2/20/2019 at 3:19 AM, brianastree said:


Are the perks available for everyone that reserved a Central Park Balcony? I have already booked one for April Cruise, however I was not aware of the perks.

Please tell me!

Yes @brianastree! All Central Park balconies come with an included specialty lunch on a sea day as well as a complimentary bottle of red wine! You can have that lunch at either Jamie's Italian or at Sabor, I believe. It is a really nice perk!

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