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  1. We ha e the Evian water package currently but those are 2 liter (?) bottles delivered to your room so not helpful at mealtime. Spoiled by the deluxe drink package on Celebrity which included the Evian.
  2. I was wondering if Evian is covered in the Refreshment package? I can find some older posts that are contradictory so wondered if anyone had any recent experience. Thanks!
  3. We will be going to Bonaire this sori g and I was wondering if RC uses the north or south pier? Trying to do some planning and it would be helpful to know though they appear to be pretty close to each other. Thanks.
  4. We canceled a cruise a few days ago and now want to book a different sailing. The first cruise was booked with a non-refundable fare so we are due back about $450 following the $300 cancelation fee ($100 per person). I was wondering how long others have had to wait for their vouchure code to arrive?
  5. W really liked Tabyana in Roatan although there is no open bar - all drinks are ala carte.The food was typical grilled items - burgers, hot dogs, chicken -which were included and we thought were good. I know Matt has an article about the Mayan Princess, which is right down the beach from Tabyana, which is all inclusive. We liked Tabyana because the beach seating was more expansive than at the Mayan Princess and there is “security” which prevents the numerous beach vendors from bothering you unless you choose to engage them. The highlight of my entire cruise was watching the vendors go by and seeing what they were selling.
  6. The prices for the Chill Island and Oasis Lagoon cabanas were ~$499 just before Memorial Day then we’re both sold out for our Thanksgiving Cruise on Harmony. Now the Chill Island is back at $1299 and I check every day to see if it will drop. I was on the fence about booking it at the lower price but won’t pay anywhere near what they’re asking. I’m hoping Coco beach club will open a bit early and we will just pay to access that (without a cabana).
  7. If you could pass on the Cruise Compasses to Matt to post for your Western itinerary, I’d be most appreciative. Trying to plan entertainment and dining for our November Harmony cruise and there aren’t yet any posted CC for that itinerary out of Port Canaveral.
  8. Eden Rock would be a terrific choice. It is located to the right of where the tenders dock and s only a few blocks away on the downtown waterfront. It’s a blue building that you should easily see as you tender in. Very good diving and helpful staff. Not sure if they could arrange a buddy, though. In general, Grand Cayman is very safe so I wouldn’t have any reservations about walking there yourself. It’s a short walk and they’ll be a lot of cruisers in the same area.
  9. No review but I did walk bay the resort where it takes place - seemed really nice.
  10. We have snorkeled in many Caribbean islands and my wife said the area right in front of Tabyana was one of the best she'd have ever seen
  11. Jaullram, Did you happen to notice if there is any form of transportation near to the Chill island cabanas? We are hoping to book one for this fall and my dad has mobility issues. It sates it is a 5-7 minute walk from the pier which could be an issue as I would imaging a fair bit of that distance is walking in sand. Thanks!
  12. We haven't been but have researched Sapphire Beach a fair bit as we are staying there in July. AS far as I know, there is a beach bar/restaurant and that's it. It's supposed to be good, though, and the beach/water beautiful.
  13. I was wondering if I am able to change to a different room category or type on the same ship and sail date if I initially booked a guarantee room?
  14. Thanks WAAAYTOO. It must have been your recent blog post where I saw Jamie’s mentioned.!
  15. Not sure if this is better posted on the Dining board but since it’s more The Key related, Inthought I’d post it here. We are going on the Navigator in July and are going back and forth about getting The Key. I thought I’d seen somewhere that at least on some ships they were offering The Key embarkation lunch at Chops or Jamie’s but I’m not sure if that is true. We’d prefer to go to Jamie’s for lunch and go to Chops at dinner so having the option would be nice.
  16. Seems like Jamie’s is kinda light on tables - awful lot of open space
  17. Sorry about that. Been waiting for the “actual” cruise blog to start for weeks now - hope you have a fantastic time!
  18. Twangster, Have you seen many (or any?) kids in the Bamboo Room? My 12 year old son is really into Polynesian culture so would love to go but I wasn't sure if it is too adult oriented.
  19. Great “live” blog. I can’t share your enthusiasm for Columbus, though. We thought it was easily the worst show we’d ever seen on a ship.
  20. We mostly just stayed in the kids area and around the regular and cenote-style pool. My wife did one of the slides while my son and I waited. You actually take an elevator up to the top of the slides which I thought was interesting. There’s a nice lazy river that we did together. The line got really long as they didn’t have a lot of innertubes though it made for a nice, uncrowded ride.
  21. I know this doesn’t directly answer your question but thought I’d chime in. We went to Tabyana and loved it. It’s a pretty basic facility but the beach was beautiful and the best snorkeling is directly in front. The food was included and very good - burgers, BBQ chicken, etc. drinks were extra but good (although a little string for our taste!). There is Security to prevent the locals selling goods from coming onto their property so they stroll back and forth along the shore. The highlight of my whole trip was walking the beach and watching the vendors come by!
  22. We went to the water park in November 2018 while on Symphony. It’s very nice with several slides and pools and is in excellent condition. We got there early and beat most of the lines (except for the locker rental in the main building which was S-L-O-W). We primarily sat by the pool and kids splash area. Food options appeared to be limited to one buffet restaurant that was expensive so ,we ate back at the cruise terminal. Overall we spent about 3-4 hours there. We will do it again in our next trip but pair it with the zip lines, at least for my wife.
  23. Huh, we have watched the competition on both the Harmony and Symphony and both were at the Sports Pool. I didn't know they ever had it at the Aqua Theater.
  24. We just did the Tabyana without snorkeling excursion last week and had a great time. The groups left on separate buses with those with snorkeling going first. Our bus left maybe 10-15 minutes later and by the time we arrived, those with snorkeling were already in the water. It appears that they have one guide from Tabyana take 3-4 people out at a time and show them the highlights. You are also free to snorkel on your own whether or not you booked the snorkel option. There are rental locations on each side of the beach and through Tabyana as well. My wife was considering snorkeling and a Tabyana guide ended up coming to us in our chairs and asking if we would like to go. She ended up deciding to do it (at no cost other than tip) and it was just her and the guide and she said the snorkeling was fabulous. The beach is very nice and you can easily walk down to look at the other beach clubs, many of which have excursions through RC. There are vendors but security at Tabyana (and seemingly the other beach clubs) prevent them from leaving the shoreline. I thought it was quite entertaining watching the different vendors come by and was actually a highlight of the trip! Lunch was supposed to be 11:30-1:30 but they pretty much try to get everyone to come at 11:30 when it opens. Departures from Tabyana were roughly every 30 minutes starting at 1, I believe. The buses they used are the "mini" sized, holding about 15 people and would often fill quickly. We just missed the 2 pm bus because it was too full so waited around for the next one. Even people arriving 15 minutes early missed the 2:30 bus since ours was so full. Just something to keep in mind.
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