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Found 10 results

  1. Yesterday, I got hit with the message above when trying to log in to Royal's website. Our family has several accounts, all of which produce the same error message. I just attempted to log in again today but received the same error message. Is anyone else having this issue? Is Royal Caribbean having a Zero-day?
  2. Edit 4/1: thank you everyone for your comments below, it's enough for me to get started on this project. For anyone with technical chops: I was thinking of using ListingPro Wordpress template, which apparently there's also a React Native template for making into an app, something I've zero experience with. Down the road, if anyone could help with this, that'd be awesome. --------------- I've been thinking about building a review website (independent of this forum) and I've been wondering a) would others find this useful and b) if so, would love any ideas. Below is what I was thinking for a start. I've been thinking about this because I think it'd be nice to have an actual star rating for some of the RC excursions, and I'd also love a place to discuss each one indivdually. This would be for Royal Caribbean cruises only, as I've now booked my 4th, it looks like I'll be using them for some time to come. Would love any input! - Star rating (1-5) - Value - Experience - ?? - Would you recommend - Excursion Size (how large the group is) - Food/bev (what meals and/or drinks are included) - Activity Level - Minimum and maximum recommended age groups - Duration - Type (or tags) - Cultural/historical - Pool/beach - Sail/boat/catamaran - Active - Etc. - Free form notes - Pictures
  3. Can we get a list going of your favorite websites and apps that you use in relation to cruising? Besides Royals sites and apps and this one of course. (Please insert hyperlinks for convenience.) I'll start off... App - Shipmate Sites- Cruise Critic, Cruise Hive, The Points Guy, Cruisedeckplans, Cruise Mapper, Cruzely,
  4. Is RC having a cruise planner website glitch in Australia planner .... I cannot access my fully paid up cruise from signin on crown and anchor cruise planner site for past few days.....I have completed some of the online checkin but I will need to edit check in page and print docs eventually ......I can get in from the main RC page but cannot access docs page.. I have sent DM royal on twitter they but do not seem to know what the problem is
  5. Has anyone expereiced difficulty printing off their luggage tags on the site either today or yesterday?
  6. What is going on with the (new) website? I've just spent an hour on the phone with customer services trying to work out why I can no longer view my reservation details. All I can see is the cruise date and room number - no invoice showing the total breakdown. After spending a frustrating amount of time trying to troubleshoot my account with customer services who don't seem to understand the issue - I'm told that's how the website now works. To get the breakdown or a copy of the invoice apparently we now have to call in, wait on hold, speak to a representative and have it emailed. Can that be true? Surely not.... Interested to know if others here can login to their 'universal account' (formerly mycruise) and see the invoice breakdown for their reservations. #frustrated
  7. Has anyone else noticed the overnight change. New background and graphics going on. Plus an enhanced security update. I hope this leads to less site crashes and easier booking/searches.
  8. Okay so my cruise Oasis of the Seas embarking on April 2nd 2017, is my Fiance and I's honeymoon. I was playing around on the Royal Gifts page and found the Romance Package for champagne, strawberries, chocolates, and flowers; and I also found the Just Married deluxe room decor package. I wanted to order them to be ready on embarkation day but when I enter mine or my fiance's name or our reservation number, it says it can't be found and refers me to call. Has anyone else had this issue? Should I just call to add this to our room? Has anyone had experience with either of these gift packages or something similar? Did they seem worth it? Thanks in advance guys!
  9. Hey everyone, Just thought I'd share... if you're looking for an alternative to Royal Caribbean's website for the purpose of browsing cruises, try cruises.united.com The site loads more consistently, and works well on mobile devices - more so than Royal's site. Also, if you have one of the United MileagePlus credit cards from Chase, you can get bonus miles if you book your cruise through United. Depending on the room type you can get as many as 7 bonus points per dollar.
  10. I have tried a number of times this morning to check prices on various cruises and when it comes time to load the details of the cruise I am interested in, the website just keeps loading and spinning...never does load the cruise details. I also cannot get into my own cruises. I am able to log into my My Cruises account but when I try and open a specific cruise I have booked it just loads and spins. Anyone else ??
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