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Found 11 results

  1. Which shows are on the Oasis OTS? I'm talking every venue, comedy club, main theater, aquatheater, etc. I've gotten mixed results from different websites, but I trust you guys.
  2. I have already booked a cruise on the Independence of the Seas in June 2020, I also downloaded the Royal Caribbean App. The App will not let me book anything except stuff that you have to pay for, when can I go on and make reservations for stuff like comedy shows and theater nights?
  3. Hello All, we just got back from a 5-day Bermuda cruise on the Anthem of the Seas and I wanted to share my "lessons learned" as a "pay it forward" for all the great forum members who provided advice to me for several questions I posted. We are a 4 person family (42M, 39F, 13M, and 10F) and we had 2 balcony rooms booked on Deck 13 forward. I hope I can help some newbie cruisers with the info below! 1. Do Show Up Early on Embarkation Day: Our ship was schedule to leave from Bayonne, NJ cruise port at 4:30pm. Coming from NH, we drove to Danbury, CT the night before and stayed at a hotel (
  4. I am concerned about missing shows. I have 6:45 my time dinning and the shows start around 8-8:30... 6:45 is the earliest I can choose so my question is first will I make it to the shows and second how can I choose earlier eating times and if I can how and what time should I choose?
  5. Hi all. Was just looking at old cruise compasses from Navigator of the Seas Southern Carribean Cruises and saw that every night but one the showtimes were 8:30 and 10:30, and this seemed pretty late. This wasn’t for the holiday cruise, though, so I was wondering if any of y’all had been on the holiday cruise and remember what time your shows were.
  6. Guess what ! Royal is now charging for some of the shows in the main theater ! My cruise planner for my upcoming Allure sailing has an option for an "insider" view of Mama Mia ! for $79 PER PERSON. This special "event" includes a cocktail, a photograph. preferred seating (whatever that means) and a meet and greet with the cast members. What a joke ! I wouldn't even watch Mama Mia ! when it was free I'm SURE as he** not going to pay $79 PP (plus gratuity, I'm SURE) to see a bunch of cruise line singers and dancers perform. It's even $79 for children - not that I would take a child
  7. Booked to go on our second cruise with RC later this year - 14 night med on Independence We are trying traditionl dining this time round - having done MTD on our first cruise on Navigator. We have the second seating - 8pm. Looking at previous Cruise Compasses it looks like geneal times for the shows are 7pm and 9pm. Obviously we will still be dining during the second show. Am I correct in assuming that the shows are only an hour or less, allowing us to attend the first show before going for dinner?
  8. Hi There! So excited to be heading on Liberty of the Seas next week. I'm trying to find out about the shows that are currently happening on the ship. Does anyone know how to find out what we can expect on stage? Also a few random questions: my boys like ping pong. Should I pack our paddles and balls? Also, my son loves to hip hop dance. Is there a venue that has a DJ and dancing for all ages? Thanks so much and I really appreciate this helpful community!
  9. Does anyone know what the "Headliner Show" is on Oasis? I've already gotten tickets for it but I was curious if anyone could let me know. Thanks!
  10. Hi all! Brand new to the forum, and a junior cruiser. (Will reach Platinum (30 days) this coming cruise) On the 29th of October, I'll embark my 3rd ever cruise. Two of them with the Allure, and this time, with the Independence. This will be a 15 night transatlantic cruise (my 2nd) departing from Southampton, England, arriving in Fort Lauderdale. I have a couple of questions that my travel agent could not answer for me, so I hope that some of you can help! 1. The Connoisseur Club: is it still operational? Can I trust that they sell cigars, or should I bring my own? 2. H
  11. I was just on CruiseCritic (which I HATE but had specific reasons for visiting) and noticed that there was a thread about entertainment reservations on the Liberty. Apparently they recently quit issuing reservations for ANY of the Liberty entertainment - theater shows, ice shows, etc. Has this occurred with any of the other bigger ships ? I know that there have never been (at least, as long as I have known) entertainment reservations for the smaller ships that have only the main theater shows...but I thought that all of the bigger ships had reservations for their entertainment shows.
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