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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I'm a long time lurker, first time writer, but have some questions about MEI Travel and their agents (which I hear are wonderful). Thanks in advance. Once a cruise is booked with MEI, do the agents check for better deals when they are released? In general, how quick are they to respond to questions? How knowledgeable are they about the various ports of call? How knowledgeable are they with the embarkation ports and hotels/transportation? When paying for items, are we paying MEI and they they pay RCI or does the TA pay RCI directly using my cre
  2. So thanks to the heads-up from @Sabrinaklai, I've been tracking the flight prices on United and JetBlue for the last few weeks. It's been interesting, not leastwise because yesterday was the 90-day mark before my cruise, and today United's fares dropped like a rock to just barely more than the best price I'd seen when I'd started. Flight itinerary -- EWR to FLL on Wednesday, March 29; returning April 9 JetBlue "Blue Plus" fare selected for all price checks, since it includes one checked bag for $2 less than checking it at the terminal United regular Economy fare for all price
  3. Hmmm... Wish I had found this gem before I booked my next 5 day Royal cruise out of Tampa. So here it is... (Tada!) https://www.cruisetimetables.com/ Yes, this little gold mine has the port schedules for nearly every port around the world that services cruise ships. Concerned about your next cruise having too many tourists in port from a large number of cruise ports? Want to get an idea of how far out to book that third party excursion? Yes, there will be some changes from time to time, especially during hurricane season when ships re rerouted to other ports (Saw this for Mari
  4. Exploring beyond Royal. Confession upfront - I am a planner. I am attracted to the Pacific Coast Cruise that Celebrity offers, a new experience beyond the caribbean, Alaska, and Hawaii. Questions. 1. Anyone have a review or recommendation? 2. Why is the schedule for this cruise always seems less than a year out? Is this the norm? 3. Anyone else have problems "crosswalking" Royal Stateroom categories to Celebrity's? (Prefer Royal's grand suite) 4. Hate to say this, but Royal's website seems more user friendly? Wow. I never thought I would say that - could be what I'
  5. Hi all! I think I've posted on here before, but I am back as we get closer to our cruise date (Feb 3rd). My wife and I are going on the Majesty of the Sea. We stop at Nassau on Saturday and Cocokay on Sunday. This is the first time we've ever been on a cruise so really no idea what to expect. I do have a few questions though.... With the drink packages I saw something that said that 18% gratuity is automatically added at the bar. I have the drink package where I can basically get anything. Would the 18% be on top of that or is it automatically in the with package? Specialty coffees ar
  6. Here's a topic I haven't seen after searching around on this board: As we're planning our excursions for each island, is there a limit on how many we should try and fit in to a given island? Obviously, we're limited by the hours the ship is there (9 hours on St. Kitts, 10 on St. Maarten, only 6 late in the day in San Juan, and 8 or 9 in Labadee). We're also limited by how the excursions may overlap with departure times and all. And we have to remember to eat lunch or dinner at some point. 😉 But let's say even after that we still find 2 excursions that we could fit into the day and j
  7. Hello friends! I am not a regular traveller, but loves to take a vacation once in a while. I have went for cruise only once in my life time and that too several years back. Now my wife and I are planning a month long vacation next year by April-May. We haven't decided on a destination yet, but Bahamas and Caribbean islands are what we have in our mind. We are not even sure if it is a good time to go there. A little advise on that would be great. The rough plan we have is to visit both Bahamas and Caribbean islands in a cruise trip, then spend rest of the vacation somewhere in Caribbean islands
  8. Hi y'all! We are going on the Majesty in December and I was hoping someone had a recent cruise compass. I would love to have even an inkling of our choices so I can plan. Very excited for our first cruise!!! :)
  9. I'm working on an idea for a RC cruise planning timeline blog post to give folks an idea of ideal times to plan things out. Please respond with anything I missed or any mistakes I may have made 24-12 months before your cruise start looking at cruise itineraries to pick the right one for you. Check RoyalCaribbean.com for available sailing dates and cruise options. Depending on when you're looking, deployment schedules may limit how far in advance you can actually book. Be sure to also look at deck plans for which staterooms have most space (i.e. hump staterooms). Also consider u
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