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Found 12 results

  1. We are sailing on Liberty of the Seas Oct 19-25 2024 and have 8 GTY Interior staterooms booked ($700 savings on each stateroom for GTY). We booked on Feb 9, 2024 and within 10 days had all the staterooms assigned, 240+ days out! Is this the earliest you've ever seen a room assignment? Also, we just booked 2 GTY Balcony Staterooms for a 12 Night Sailing on Odyssey of the Seas for Jan 2026. That cruise was 699 days out when we booked. I wonder what the chances are of us getting a room assigned are within the next few weeks or months.
  2. IT'S CRUISE DAY!!! I flew into Houston Hobby airport last night and stayed at an airport hotel. My hotel had renovations underway which has been a theme for me recently. It wasn't until breakfast when I saw the new lower 3 feet of drywall everywhere on the 1st floor that it dawned on me it was from Hurricane Harvey flood damage. I'm in my Lyft ride heading towards Galveston as I write this. Just over an hour for $50. ETA 10:10am. Light traffic on this Sunday morning and we made the terminal at 10:03am. Quick drop of luggage and into the terminal to check in. It looks like they just opened and there aren't many people here. A group of 15 headed into the Suites/Pinnacle/Diamond Plus queue leaving the Diamond/Emerald/Platinum queue just to me. I went to next available agent and... the computers went down. Around 10:30 they came back online one by one. Unfortunately for me and my neighbor our agent's computers didn't come back so they slid us over to working agents and away we went. I wasn't too concerned because I knew we had to wait for boarding anyways. Upstairs into the top tier waiting area it seems they had started boarding when I arrived upstairs but suffering from the same computer outage they had halted boarding. The upstairs area has a vendor area where they sell lanyards. I got some water from the dispensers and just sat down they started boarding again. By 10:50am I was onboard. Pretty easy boarding process despite the brief computer issue. This trip is already starting off a lot smoother than my last Galveston departure on some other cruise line a few years ago (before I switched to Royal). This seven night cruise will complete the Freedom class trilogy for me. Freedom . Independence . Liberty . Leaving from Galveston I have two sea days, Roatán, Costa Maya, Cozumel, a sea day then back to Galveston. Liberty has two primary itineraries. This cruise is the more western of these western routes. A nautical style map was on display in the Promenade. The promenade is adorned with a large Texas flag to greet us: Café Promenade was open so I had a roast beef plus a turkey sandwich. Let the food coma commence. With some time to kill before cabins are available I decided to check out a few spots. Main Dining Room Helipad (of course) It's an overcast day here in Galveston so I'll wait to take more pictures around the ship once we are in nicer weather. I was pleased to discover O3b based Voom. With that I can confirm everything Freedom class and newer has O3b Voom. With that it's almost time for cabins to be available.
  3. Howdy Y’all. I joined this board less than a month ago and in 10 days I will be on Liberty of The Seas. I’ve been reading all the live-blogs and I decided today that I am going to live blog my cruise---or at least try. So a little background on this cruise, it started out in late as a Father Son (me) cruise. At the time we were trying to decide between another western Caribbean (this would be my 4th of those) or to Cuba. After much deliberation we decided that we cared more about the ship than the destinations, so we booked the Western Caribbean (and boy did we get lucky with that decision…no more Cuba now) in an interior stateroom. Early July rolls around and we start watching some videos of our room, my Dad who has only cruised junior suites or higher was a little alarmed with the size and upgraded us to a Junior Suite. Then we get to mid July- my Mom asks to join the cruise. So we start to price it out and decide that we need to get an additional cabin. Well when looking at the cost for who to solo cruise vs. adding a 4th person was so small that we decided to add my girlfriend. So we add her and my Mom to a Balcony. Great everything is set in stone 1 month prior to the cruise. WRONG. We had one more big change. July 10th my father decides he wants a Grand Suite with my Mom. He calls to upgrade and they don’t have availability, so we get on the wait list. On the 15th we get a grand suite 1 bedroom. That brings us to today. Where we stand now. When: August 11, 2019 + 1 day before Where: Cozumel, Falmouth, George Town, a day at the Houston Space Center the day before Rooms: Junior Suite-with me (Kyle) and my girlfriend (Natalie)-we are still keeping our fingers crossed for a cancellation to upgrade to a grand suite or for the same to happen with our RoyalUp bid Grand Suite (1 bedroom)-with my Mom (Brenda) and Dad (Ross) Extras: The Key Deluxe Drink Package Unlimited Dining Package All Access Tour Galley Brunch Excursions: Atlantis Submarine Tour-Cozumel Trolley Roger-Grand Cayman About Us Me (Kyle) - I’m 21, and a Diamond status for the first time this cruise The Girlfriend (Natalie)- 22, first time cruiser, never been out of the country, got lucky with C&A and they matched her to Diamond Mom (Brenda) – Suite Lover, Diamond Dad (Ross)- Suite Lover, Diamond I am really excited for this vacation and can’t wait to share it with y’all. I’m very interested to see for myself how the Key works out for us and compare it to the suite perks and Diamond perks. Most of y’all have much more experience with cruising and live blogging but, if y’all have anything you would like me to look at/investigate/ ask I would be happy to! Thanks for reading.
  4. Hello Fellow Cruise Lovers out there. My wife and I went on a vacation of a lifetime and got a spectacular rate on the Liberty of the Seas Royal Suite #1640. Since we were with a group of our friends, we decided to go all around the ship and in our cabin and shot a music video. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about the experience or anything Royal Suite, I am happy to answer them. Cheers! YOLObookIT
  5. Hello, Does anyone have experience with the cabins on Deck 10 AFT, D1 category, 1380-1392 or 1680-1692 on the Freedom class of ships? We have the option for a D1 cabin in that area of the ship but are a bit concerned being directly under the windjammer. It is appealing however because its on deck 10 in not such a busy area, away from elevators and more suites on this deck so maybe a bit quieter. The other options would be similar D1 cabin on deck 7 that would have cabins above and below us instead of the windjammer. Tried searching pictures of these cabins but can't seem to find any. Also, is there a way to figure out the bed arrangements on Freedom class ships? Is the bed always by the balcony or does it swap between being close to the balcony or close to the bathroom? Thanks for any help / advice.
  6. Hello Everyone, I had the opportunity to get a Royal Suite (RS) on an upcoming Liberty of the Seas sailing out of Galveston. Let's just say, its normally 11K for 2 ppl (give or take a grand) and I got it for the same price as myJS in Alaska! (4700). I have already sent some of my questions to Matt, but in this case, he hasn't been in a RS. (Although the Loft Suite on Harmony looked awesome) I digress. I have the following questions & I am hoping some of you have personally had experiences with this type of stateroom on any ship: Will I be offered a tour of the bridge? Will the concierge walk me onto the ship first? How will it work once the frictionless embarkation is set in place? I know there is a piano in the room, but on the Liberty, has anyone used it? Is it in tune ? (one of our friends is a pianist). Also, does the auto player allow guests to add new modern music piano data? This one Matt might know. I want to throw a little cocktail hour in the suite and wasn't sure what to plan for price-wise. How does RCCL charge for that? That's all for now. I'm sure I have more questions, but knowing any of this would be both fun and good to know beforehand. -Dan G
  7. A Coast Guard search is underway in the Gulf of Mexico for a missing cruise ship crew member. - http://abc13.com/1911755/
  8. We are booked for a cruise in January (western) out of Galveston on the Liberty of the Seas. It is our second cruise and my husband wants to see the ruins. What are the best excursions to take? Or better yet which ruins are the ones to see and the ones to miss? Besides the ruins what would be the next best excursion you recommend in Cozamel, Belieze or Costa Maya?
  9. On Friday Karen (internetwhiz on CC) Scoped from Liberty/Cozumel that Tidal Wave should finally be operational for the 02/28 cruise. She is on a b2b so we will have confirmation tomorrow.
  10. Looks like Royal is all in on water slides - http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2015/07/15/royal-caribbean-will-add-new-water-slide-liberty-of-the-seas, but it doesn't look like I'll be on a ship anytime soon with these thrilling versions as the Radiance-class slides do not compare. This creates an interesting dichotomy among the cruise lines with Carnival, NCL, Disney and now Royal in the water slide camp, while Princess, Holland America, and Celebrity remain without.
  11. Just curious if anyone has experience cruising aboard a ship just before it goes into drydock? We have the Liberty booked and I just discovered that it's her last sailing before entering drydcok. We booked at a great rate, but am now wondering if we should book on a different ship. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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