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Found 7 results

  1. We added flights through Celebrity to our June 2022 Alaska cruise in December 2021. We booked Delta Air Lines Economy Plus (Comfort Plus). On Monday of this week, I was checking our reservations on the Delta website, just to see if any better seats had opened and got a message that the confirmation number could not be found, Tried again, nothing. Checked my Delta account which shows all of my upcoming reservations, The flight home is there, but the flight to AK is no longer showing. Called Flights by Celebrity (hereafter referred to as FbC). Representative said flights we canceled due to a schedule change and we should be rebooked soon, and he would followup the next morning. (Now, this was my fault, because I wasn't thinking, but a schedule change shouldn't completely cancel a reservation). He never followed up. Once I realized that a schedule change shouldn't completely cancel a reservation, called Delta to see what they could tell me. The first person I spoke with said the flight was removed from the schedule. When I pointed out that I could still book the same flight on the Delta website, her answer was I needed to go through Celebrity since I booked through them. Called back and got a different person at Delta, who told me there was no schedule change and the reservation was canceled because Celebrity never ticketed the reservation. Called FbC back with this new information. Asked the representative to see if they show the flights were ticketed (both the outbound an return) She confirmed that they were not. And she would need to send this to her support desk for the fight to be reinstated. I said the flight is still available, but not in Economy Plus, which is what we booked. Only first and economy were available. I did ask that they rebook us in first and pay the difference, since a.) the class we originally booked was no longer available, and because we paid for Econ Plus, that we should at least get that ( or better), and b) it wasn't us who forgot to ticket the reservation. She said she would put that note in and we should hear something in 48 hours. We didn't think asking for them to rebook us in first class was being unreasonable. We would have been perfectly happen if they could have restored the reservation to what we had originally booked, but because they couldn't, we didn't feel it was fair that we be booked in Economy, when we paid for Economy Plus, when it was them who forgot to ticket the reservation, and because of that Delta canceled the reservation. The next morning I realized I never confirmed if they were going to ticket the return flights. I did confirm that they weren't ticketed, but never confirmed if they were going to ticket them. Called back and asked if they could check whether the return flights were ticketed. They had not been ticketed. I asked when they would normally be ticketed. Rep said that the ticketing date was set for April 9 (today was April 12). Rep, asked if I wanted to have that reservation ticketed. Umm, yes please. He would need to send that to their ticketing desk and they should be ticketed within 24 hours. Checked on Delta website today (4/14) and I can see that the return flights were ticketed. No word on the outbound flight yet, and it's been 72 hours. The two first class seats that were available are now gone, and only thing available on the flight we originally booked is Economy. I am on hold with FbC now, and they are "checking" on the outbound flight reservation. And now, I've been disconnected. So far it's been about six hours on hold with Celebrity over the course of three days trying to get this resolved.
  2. To those of you who have cruised many times and fly to the port city: My flight is scheduled to arrive at 8:30am in Miami the day of embarkation. Would you feel confident with an early flight the day of embarkation or would you still consider arriving a day prior? Your experience is greatly appreciated.
  3. We booked Millennium this June out of St. Maarten. Decided to book through Flights By Celebrity (FBC). Paid more for a direct flight to and from and also for leaving at reasonable times. Paid approximately $450 p/p. More specifically, the flights I purchased were leaving JFK at 11 a.m. the day before embarkation and 2:00 p.m. on the return. Connecting flights and earlier times were significantly cheaper. First, FBC changed the out bound flight to 7:00 a.m. This is a problem since getting to JFK is always an issue and this adds $150 since Uber is a premium at 3:00 a.m. - Complained and they changed the flight to 8:30 out of Newark. Today they change the return flight to a connecting flight - now making this a 9 hour return flight and again adding an additional $100 Uber premium by the time we get out of the airport at 1:00 a.m. If I had booked this flight originally it would have been $80 less p/p. Now FBC wants $225 p/p to change the tickets. Really?? So I paid a premium for the direct flights that they were selling, they change them to the less expensive fairs and keep the difference...and want to charge $225 per ticket to change the tickets. Watch Out...
  4. At present Jetblue flights only covers up to the 10th of June 2020, now most other airlines move forward 1 day at a time, however from my understanding Jetblue releases flights in batch's maybe 3 months at a time. So my question is does anyone have any idea when the next release that covers flights in July 2020 will be? Also do any airlines ( Jetblue, Delta & United ) have Black Friday/ Cyber monday sales? TYI Ray
  5. Grrr! Just had a call from my TA to advise that BA have cancelled the direct flight route from London to Fort Lauderdale for my cruise in December. My options now are: 1) Fly indirect via Chicago for no extra cost but taking an extra 2+ hours flight time +whatever the layover time is 2) Fly indirect via Houston for an extra £50pp but taking an extra 3+ hours flight time + whatever the layover time is 3) Fly direct to Miami for an extra £400pp! ??? I can't even make a decision on which option to go for as my husband (aka The Cruise Fare Payer) is away for the weekend. I know this is not directly related to RC but I needed to vent and thought you guys would understand ? Anyway, I'm off to pursue my second love by going to a food festival now so that should cheer me up. Either that or I'll comfort eat and undo the progress I've made on my 'lose weight before the cruise so you can put in back on during the cruise' diet plan...
  6. When do you usually book your transatlantic flights for Europe cruises? Are there any advantages to waiting a bit? (obviously theres risk). What's the average price from the East Coast that people have paid?
  7. My boyfriend and I are cruising on the Empress of the Seas from August 15-20. We are scheduled to land in Miami at 12:14pm, will this leave us enough time to get to port? We will be taking an Uber from Miami Intl to port -- transportation is not offered for this cruise. This is our first cruise, so any helpful insiders are greatly appreciated! We have read mixed reviews on the ship and are a little hesitant.
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